boat winterization

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1. Add fuel stabilizers

If ethanol fuel comes in contact with water (which is likely in a water vessel) it can separate, leaving you with a sticky glue like sub-stance at the bottom of your boat engine. This substance will cause damage to your entire fuel system, so the best way to handle it is to prevent it with fuel stabilizer.

Add fuel stabilizer to the tank, using a factory-recommended winterizing solution. Then, run the boat to the correct temperature and check for leaks or other issues.

2. Change engine oil and fuel filters

Change gear and engine oil, as well as the oil and fuel filters. Fresh fluids hold up better over trying winter months, and go a long way to prevent damage causing condensation.

3. Drain water lines

Drain water from the engine block, exhaust system, sea-pump, hoses and coolers—especially if you don’t have access to a warm storage facility. Run the engine while it’s hooked up to an antifreeze pump until the antifreeze has filled the entire system and is coming out of the exhaust.

4. Disconnect batteries

Disconnecting the battery keeps it from dying over the winter.

5. Spray fogging oil

Spray the engine and outdrive package with anti-corrosion spray, also known as fogging oil. This preserves the paint and prepares the components for a long period of little usage.

6. Store safely

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NEXT SUMMER TIPS - Before your maiden voyage in the next spring, be sure to:

Review the fuel system for leaks or damage, make sure that belts are tight and control cables are free of cracks and boat with these boat safety tips, stay safe.